Winter in Bountiful, Utah, typically brings freezing temperatures and winter season average of five inches of precipitation— usually snow. Places like Saratoga Springs and Spanish Fork tend to get more. While a glistening snowy winter is picturesque, it can cause damage to your yard and patio that you may not see till spring. Keep your outdoor spaces pristine year-round with these winter maintenance strategies.

Store Your Items Properly

Winter weather can bring freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. While some porch furniture and outdoor decorations may stand up to these conditions, it’s important to take a close look at what you’re keeping outside as you consider your winter outdoor space maintenance needs. Even weather-resistant cushions and pillows can sustain damage from winter weather. It’s best to bring these in the house. If you don’t have the indoor space, at least bring them into a garage or shed where they’re safe from moisture.

Take the Weight Off Your Pergola

Snowy Pergola Photo - Winter Outdoor Space Maintenance

Snowy Pergola Photo by Joybot

Don’t let snow accumulate on your pergola or awning. Often, pergolas don’t have the surface area to support much snow, so they don’t need as much attention, but if yours has sufficient flat space on top, you should keep it clear. The added weight can put unnecessary strain on these structures. Use a long broom and gently knock off snow anytime you see a layer of two inches or more.

Clean Up the Yard

If you see snow in the forecast, head outside and check your yard for toys, wayward lawn decorations, or debris. Small items are easily lost in the snowfall and may trip you up as you’re trekking though the yard. Keep an eye out for these trip hazards throughout the season, even if you’ve already swept the yard. You could find new items at any time, such as fallen branches or items blown over from a neighbor’s yard.

Prepare Clear Walkways

Walking on dry, dead grass during the winter can cause serious damage to that lush lawn you’re hoping to enjoy come spring. Discourage walking on the lawn by clearly designating other paths. If you don’t have a sidewalk or other walkway leading to the door, consider marking a particular path through the yard with lighting or low fencing. Clear snow and ice from your walkway so visitors don’t have to guess about where to walk.

Take care of your outdoor spaces through the winter, and you’ll have a charming haven to enjoy when the weather warms. Minimize your maintenance jobs by investing in high-quality outdoor materials for your furniture, awnings, and other features. Awnings Unlimited can help you choose durable and attractive awnings that will accent your home beautifully year-round and stand up well to all weather. Contact us at (801) 268-4441 to discuss your practical and aesthetic needs.