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Your home is an extension of you and so should be any outdoor covering. Years of design and installation experience ensures that Awnings Unlimited can offer you the perfect awning or service that will match your design and bring you years of livable luxury and pleasure.

Some homeowners assume awnings are nothing more than a decorative fixture attached to a home, when in fact, if correctly selected and accurately installed they can serve a larger purpose. An awning will add financial value and comfort to a home. A door awning, for example, not only provides protection from the elements and effects of long-term exposure to the sun for the door over which it is placed. It also gives you a safe, dry place to find your house keys, close your umbrella, or wipe off your shoes before entering your home.

Window awnings protect your home for the result of direct sunlight exposure – this is a great resource for saving energy and lowering your air conditioning bill in the summer.

Today’s awnings come in a variety of materials – so don’t panic. Your home does not need to resemble a cafe to enjoy the benefits of having additional shelter. You can choose the color, size, and material to give your home a look you desire. The three most popular options are:

  • Fabric – some people believe these are most pleasing to the eye. They can be taken down and stored for the winter season or easily changed should a homeowner tire of a color or design. Customers have hundreds of choices of colors and designs in solids, stripes or patterns, which is a very nice additional feature.
  • Aluminum – most homeowners choose aluminum based on function. These awnings are meant to be left up year round and are popular for living spaces outside of the home like a patio or deck.
  • Structural Insulated Panels – The insulated panel awnings are perfect for homeowners where cost is their biggest concern. These awnings are practical and serve as a great option but also appear very professional.

When looking for the best choice of awning for your home and situation -be sure to consider the convenience of a retractable awning. Retractable awnings also increase your outside living area, adding protection from soft rain or blaring sun. Your deck or patio becomes a quiet getaway space with the convenience of never leaving home! When you’re ready, a wall switch, remote control or app allows you to open or close your awning. Quick and easy!


Our Products

Awnings Unlimited uses the best quality products installed by skilled employees whose primary goal is to make you, our customer, satisfied.  Our shade structures increase the value of your property while affordably adding outdoor living space for you, your family and friends.  A shade structure can be attached to your home or freestanding in your yard creating a private retreat, entertainment area or landscaping focal point.  We take every step necessary to ensure the utmost in quality control supported by one of the strongest warranties in the industry to stand behind us.  Uncompromising standards, state-of-the-art engineering and superior service means you’ll enjoy a virtual lifetime of carefree ownership!


Alumawood by Amerimax Building Products … Performs Like Real Wood Can’t

Unlike real wood ALUMAWOOD™ won’t burn, get termites, crack, peel, warp or rot. ALUMAWOOD™ stays looking new for years and years, so you’ll never have to worry about spending money and hours of back-breaking work to scrape, paint and repair your shade structure. And using ALUMAWOOD™ is friendly to the environment because it helps preserve our nation’s forests. Best of all, ALUMAWOOD™ costs less than wood when you factor in maintenance costs.