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Tooele, UT

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An awning is much more than an addition to your home but adds value and comfort while saving on energy costs.  At Awnings unlimited our awnings are accurately installed by professional installers with 10+ years of experience. Our products are made from the best quality and are backed by a 5-year warranty, which is one of the best you can find. Our awnings come in many different materials including aluminum for a more permanent awning, fabric in our retractable awnings, and structural insulated panels that are quick and easy to remove.


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Awnings Unlimited offers carports and pergolas that are the best in the business. We provide quality carports available in many different styles including flatpan, pergola, twin V and Newport. They all offer unique designs and serve a variety of purposes.  Our pergolas come in many different options as well and can be used as an addition to extend your entertaining, a focal point in your yard, or for added privacy. Our pergolas are built with precise installation and we use top quality products. We use ALUMAWOOD™  for our pergolas, which unlike real wood, it won’t split, crack or peel and lasts much longer and is very low maintenance.


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Because of our many years of experience, Awnings Unlimited can make sure you are satisfied with your patio enclosure and service.  We go above and beyond and make sure your design preferences are met and your enclosure is as unique as you are. Your patio structure can bring you many years of relaxation and joy. Because we offer the best warranty in the business, you don’t have to worry about replacing it. You can invest in relaxation when you purchase a patio enclosure from Awnings Unlimited!


Tooele, Utah

Tooele, Utah is a town located in Tooele County and is just west of Salt Lake City.  Originally Tooele valley was used as a major grazing ground for Mormon cattle owners from Utah Valley. The first white settlers established residency in 1849 in the Tooele Valley. They built a sawmill, and they called the city “E.T. city” after ET Benson who was an LDS leader.  Shortly after it was founded in 1850, and was called “Tuilla.” The Great Salt Lake Desert covers the western half of the County and the other half contains outer cities of Salt Lake City.

Today Tooele serves as an affordable place to live for those seeking more affordable housing and space. The city of Tooele offers a small town feel and a slower pace while allowing people the convenience of living in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area. The commute is only 45 minutes to downtown Salt Lake City which makes it a popular place to live. This smaller town offers motor racing, museums and history, recreational activities, and also seasonal events at the Deseret Peak Conference that you won’t want to miss. It’s definitely a town worth stopping by to take in the local atmosphere.


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Tooele sits out to the west of the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys, in Tooele County. As of 2010, it has a population of about 32,000. The city is just 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City and shares it boundaries with the Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

Mormon pioneers were the first to occupy the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Covered with tall grass, they used the area as wintering grounds for the herds. In 1849, more families settled in the section now occupied by Tooele City. Four years later, the city was formally organized.

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Tooele City Hall

Tooele has a total land area of 21.1 square miles, with 0.04 miles covered in water. Because it is situated along the slopes of Oquirrh Mountains, the Tooele Valley is a popular camping and picnic site.

Wondering how the city got its unusual name? Some have thought the city’s name came from an old Ute Indian word, which means tumbleweed. Others believe it is derived from the name of a Native American chief. Another theory is that it came from the Goshute word “tu-wanda,” which means “bear.”

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An awning over your deck makes a nice outdoor space for entertaining and gives you buffer between your back door and the elements.

With its dry continental weather, Tooele City was an agricultural town back in the 19th century. It was in the 20th century when industrialization started in the area. The Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad was constructed through the city in 1905. In 1941, a massive tunnel construction was completed, which enabled miners to transport ore more effectively to the local smelter.

Kennecott Utah Copper is a major private employer in the city; so is Energy Solutions, which was formerly called Envirocare, operating as a radioactive waste storage facility in the Clive, UT area. Other big employers are US Magnesium and Utah Motorsports Campus.

Every year, the city celebrates the County Fair. Until 2000, the event was held at the Tooele County Fairgrounds. The next year and thereafter, it was celebrated at the Deseret Peak Complex. Nearby on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Speed Week is held every year in September, where motorheads and car enthusiasts gather to try to break and make new land speed records.

Tooele is a rustic area snugged up against the Oquirrh mountains, and the nearby Great Salt Lake seems to have mild lake effect, which means that most winters have a good bit of snow. The summers are hot and dry like most of Utah. We’d love to build an outdoor space for you that will keep you shady and cool in the summer, and afford you some outdoor shelter for your deck or porch during the snowy winters.