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Rock Springs, WY

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Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking awnings are nothing more than an attractive fixture that is a part of your home. Our affordable awnings are much more than that. In fact, if the perfect awning is chosen and correctly installed, they can serve a much larger purpose. Just adding an awning to your home will increase the value of your home and add peace of mind and comfort. For example, a door awning not only delivers protection from the weather and any long-term adverse effects of sun exposure. A simple addition can provide a dry, safe place to wipe or take off your shoes, find your house keys, or shake off an umbrella before entering your home. Window awnings can protect your home from exposure to direct sunlight. Awnings are a great way for lowering your air conditioning bill saving energy in the summer.


Carport & Pergola Builder in Rock Springs, WY

Carports & pergolas in Rock Springs, WY

  • Unique patio updates
  • Great carport covers
  • Sturdy additions to any property

Our structures will add value to your home as well as adding beauty and a sense of style. We offer many different types of carports to our customers that will be sure to match your design taste. We offer a flat Plan Carport and its name says it all. It is simple structure and has a flat top. They offer plenty of shade for your vehicles. The style is sleek and maintenance is kept to a minimum, aside from cleaning debris off of it every so often. We also offer a Twin V. that is also a simple structure that goes well with most homes. Our Newport carport is a has a nice style, it features a solid roof and can be used as an extension of your home or as a standalone carport structure. Our Pergola carport won’t provide the same coverage and protection from the weather as our other carports but they will add curb appeal and style.

Our Pergolas can be built freestanding creating a private oasis in your yard, attached to your home as an entertainment area or as a landscaping focal point. Pergolas add a comfortable outdoor living space that will be sure to wow your friends and family. Since we use state of the art engineering, superior service, and uncompromising standards, you’ll be able to enjoy many years of carefree ownership.


Top Patio Enclosure Supplier in Rock Springs, WY

Largest supplier of Patio Enclosures in the state of Wyoming

  • Create a bold new outdoor living space
  • Top quality additions to your patio

Your outdoor covering should be an extension of you just like your home. Awnings Unlimited can ensure you the perfect style of patio enclosure and service that will meet your design preferences because of our many years of experience. You can find comfort in the fact your patio structure can bring you many years of livable comfort and luxury. Our products are made with Alumawood by Amerimax Building Products. Unlike real wood, ALUMAWOOD™ does not get termites, peel, warp, rot, crack and won’t burn.


Rock Springs, WY

Rock Springs is a city in Wyoming located in Sweetwater County. In the 2010 census, the population was 23,036. In 2010 Rock Springs was the 5th most populated city in the state of Wyoming and the most populated town in Sweetwater County. Rock Springs is known for the warm & friendly atmosphere and welcoming community.

Named for a former spring that babbled through town, Rock Springs sprung from the growth and development of the area’s coal mining industry. In 1868, the coal mined here powered the steam engines of the Union Pacific Railroad, which laid hundreds of miles of track, allowing surrounding towns to thrive.
Rock Springs is also known as the City of “56 Nationalities” because of all the emigrants who came to Rock Springs in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Immigrants came to work in the Union Pacific coal mines. Not only was Rock Springs appealing to Immigrants but Outlaw gangs often passed through Rock Springs or stayed a while.

The outlaw, “Butch” Cassidy worked in Rock Springs as a butcher in his younger years. This is where he acquired the name “Butch.” During the mid-1900s the railroads switched to diesel and oil power, shut down many of the city’s coal mines. Even though this happened Rock Springs thrives with a booming oil and gas industry, and trona mines. These industries keep the city vibrant and make it a great stop for shopping, dining, and many attractions.


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