Winter weather can be especially hard on your vehicle; there is no way of getting around this. While surprising to some, there are more ways to damage a car during the long winter months than during the summer. This is why, if a garage is not available to protect your car from snow and ice, it is essential to park under a carport. Not only does this conserve the outside of your vehicle but it can also make your life much easier.

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While it’s always fun to wake up to a beautiful snow-covered winter wonderland, no one likes to scrape a snow- and/or ice-covered windshield first thing in the morning. A carport helps save time and avoid ugly scratches that can occur while clearing off the windshield. This helps prolong the life of your windshield as well as your car.

After a night of heavy snowfall, if you’re not lucky enough to have your car protected by a carport, you will have to uncover it before you can drive. Just like clearing off the windshield, this requires that you stand out in the cold and is particularly stressful if you happen to be running late that morning. Often people use a shovel to try to unbury their vehicle. Both plastic and metal shovels have hard edges that can cause deep scratches and scrapes along the surface of your auto. Avoid using the windshield scraper, as well, to remove the snow. The hard plastic designed to eliminate the ice from your windshield can be very destructive to your car’s paint.

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One of the biggest winter car issues faced in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, where there is a lot of snow, is the salt used to prevent ice on the roads. Car’s encounter salt as you make your daily commute to and from the places you travel each day. Parking your car on the side of the street will allow cars to splash additional salt as they drive by. Salt covered slush, which has been called “the unwanted hitchhiker of winter” here in Utah, can do considerable damage to your car over time. Salt can cause rust to build upon hidden parts of your vehicle, and slowly eat away at the metal. Keeping it protected from additional exposure can make a huge difference to the lifetime of your car’s exterior.

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Winters in Utah can bring with storms in the form of hundreds of ice balls pinging off your car. Depending on the magnitude of the storm and the hailstone size, hail can cause different degrees of damage. If you’re a lucky driver, you might only experience a few minor dents and dings. But a major hail storm can cause massive devastation to cars. In fact, each year hail storms ensure more than $1 billion in damages. Anything from cracked glass, holes in your roof, shattered windshields to engine damage — these storms can wreak mayhem on your car. Hail dents are much harder to remove; they have to be massaged from the inside out. Having your car parked under a carport during one of these storms can avoid dealing with any possible harm.

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Leaving your car parked out in the open can also lead to unnecessary damage from wind and rain. The wind can pick up dust or gravel and send it blowing towards your car. Winter storms bring frozen particles deposited onto your vehicle that cause tiny scratches and can, in turn, exposed your car’s metal to our winter salt and in time allow faster corrosion to your paint.

Car batteries, like people, like to stay warm and dry during the winter. Cold weather is especially hard on car batteries and snow piled on the hood of your vehicle can take up to twice as much current as generally needed to start your auto. At zero degrees, a car’s battery loses about 60 percent of its strength, yet the engine needs at least twice as much power to start! Over time this allows cold weather to prematurely end the life of your battery. So simply parking under a carport can prolong your battery up to 50 percent.

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It’s almost winter… protect your vehicles and equipment with quality carports and shelters from Awnings Unlimited. Covered parking can save you a lot of hassle and money, especially during the winter months. Call us today (801) 268-4441 or visit our website for pricing on our carport kits.