If you have an unshaded outdoor area, you’ve probably found that it’s only comfortable during certain parts of the day and particular seasons of the year. Rain and sun can both dampen your spirits and end your outdoor fun. Patio coverings are the ideal solution. A patio covering will give you comfortable shade to relax in, as well as energy-efficient coverage for windows.

Pergola: Partial Shade

lattice patio photo - Guide to the Many Types of Patio Coverings

Partial/full shade pergola and awning Photo by Texas_Custom_Patios

A pergola features cross rafters in an open design that offers partial shade while still allowing the sun to shine through. This is an ideal pick when you want to cool down your outdoor space a bit while still providing a light and airy feel. The open design of the pergola lets you see the sky, so you never feel closed in. You can add lattice-work around the sides for a rustic and romantic look with climbing greenery. Our products are made with  ALUMAWOOD ™, which looks like wood but is much more durable. For all your pergola Salt Lake City Needs, give us a call today.

Newport: Solid Protection

Newport patio coverings offer a solid construction that will give you permanent shade from the sun, rain, and other elements. This is a sturdy design that’s perfect for places where you want year-round shade. Large beams and posts give Newport patio coverings a solid look. These always look like a natural extension of your home’s construction.

Twin V: Lightweight Shade

Twin V pergolas are lightweight patio covers that nevertheless provide solid shade. These roll form covers require fewer supports than an option like the Newport, making them a great architectural fit when you want a construction that’s sleek and simple. Twin V covers are also among the most affordable choices, so you can add an awning to your porch or balcony without making a significant dent in your bank account.

Flat Pan: Long-Lasting Cover

Flat pan patio coverings are simple, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. They’re extremely customizable; you can enjoy a truly flat patio cover, or opt for a slanted installation. Flat pan coverings also work well in nearly any size. If you have only a small area that you want to add shade too, this is your best choice. Typically constructed from aluminum, flat pan covers are affordable and durable. Their simple design works for everything from contemporary buildings to classic ranch homes.

If you’re ready to explore your options for patio coverings, contact Awnings Unlimited at (801) 268-4441. We can help you find the best combination of style and materials for a comfortably shaded space that blends seamlessly with your home’s current design.