More Than Hangouts – Four Practical Uses Of Awnings

People have this common misconception that awnings are for people who can afford the luxury. But if you really think about it, awnings are much more than just decorative extensions or something to spice up home exteriors. And it’s definitely not just some extra shade to organize fun hangouts – although this idea sounds superb too.

When utilized correctly, awnings can have more practical uses. They’re much more convenient than you think. And they’re something every house needs – mansion or no mansion.

Here are some of the practical applications of awnings:

Door & Window Awnings Protect The Interior Of Your Home From Sun & Rain

Not all awnings are simply made to be decorative items to adorn rich people’s homes. For a fact, hardly any awning is made for the sole purpose of aesthetics. Like most inventions, awnings were introduced to the world to meet a necessity. Specifically, these coverings are made to combat unforgiving or extreme weather conditions.

A good example to further support my point is how door and/or window awnings help shield our houses away from the sun’s harsh rays and the rain’s raging tears. In the case of rain, for example, having a house isn’t enough to keep the wind and raindrops from soaking the interior of your homes. The wind especially can easily change its direction to force water into loose openings of the house. These window coverings act as a layer of protection – shielding your home’s windows and doors from the weather’s playful theatrics. Now, how’s that for something that’s “just decorative?”

Installing An Awning Above Your Door Entrance Leave Much Space For Storage

Large awnings that come in the form of terraces, verandas, or pergolas, can also double as storage spaces for things that temporarily (or permanently) have no room inside the house. These areas are typically ideal for your “not-so-clean” possessions – or objects that you regularly bring in and out of your home. Like shoes, for example! Muddy boots during the rainy season can be a pain to carry inside the house, having an outdoor awning should offer plenty of leg room for these little babies!

Awnings Help You Save On Electricity – Especially On Hot Summer Days

Awnings offer extra shade and reflect some of the sun’s hot rays during the summer season in Utah. In effect, your home doesn’t get to absorb all this heat and becomes less of an inferno. The heat becomes bearable – or comfortable even – and simply wearing light, crisp clothes easily solves the problem. All of this also means that you have less need for a full-blast AC, bringing your electric bills down significantly. Talk about a stylish way to be more practical!

It Adds Value To Your Property

Lastly, an excellent awning increases the perceived value of your house – both aesthetic and utility-wise.  If there comes a time that you’ll have to sell your property for whatever reason, you can expect to fetch a better price when you’re home is well-presented. And, as far as brokers are concerned, having an awning is a great crowd-getter! For the best awnings and quality installation, give Awnings Unlimited a call today at (801) 268-4441.