our society has shifted to become greener, energy efficiency has become a top priority. Many people have found awnings a great way to go green by reducing energy costs while adding value to their home. Adding an Awning can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25%, according to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.  An awning keeps your home cooler by deflecting the hot sun rays, and in return, it saves you money on cooling costs. You can also save on energy bills by spending less time indoors by keeping the lights off and using the air conditioning less. An awning can also help reduce the fading of furniture, carpeting, and draperies by filtering incoming light. In addition, it can also reduce water and heat damage to decks, patios, and balcony surfaces. Look into a top awning supplier today!

Quality Awning Supplier In Utah

Awnings not only have the ability to reduce your energy costs, but they also add style and comfort to your home.  By extending your living space outdoors it adds a shaded comfortable space to enjoy with family and friends. An awning will increase your home’s value in Ogden immediately as it creates additional space instantly. The days of expensive and lengthy home renovations to increase property value are long gone. Think smarter not harder and expand your outdoor space. Rely on a quality Awning Supplier in Utah by calling Awnings Unlimited today at (801) 268-4441.

Hassle-Free Removal

One of the best things about having a retractable awning is convenience and storability!  Businesses can benefit from retractable awnings as they offer customers protection from the rain while entering or leaving. In addition, they allow any outdoor residential space to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Retractable awnings can be used during the warm months and then easily put away when it is not in use.  The awning can be rolled up into a casing and protected from the crazy Utah winters.

Serves Any Purpose

Retractable awnings can be both versatile and flexible. This makes them ideal for any space for a home or business. There are a variety of colors to available that are made from quality fabric and you can choose the length.  A retractable awning will complement your personal style of your home as a natural extension.

Manual Awnings-Buy From The Top Awning Supplier

Retractable manual awnings are a great choice for your outdoor space if you do not have an outlet close by. They have a simple hand crank to easily open and close your awning when needed.

Automatic Awnings Ogden

Automatic awnings have a motor that allows homeowners to take out their retractable awning by simply pressing a button. Most include a remote control to go along with the awning. Motorized awnings come with a remote and each has a manual override, in case the power goes out.

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Living in Utah has its perks, with its amazing sunshine and many outdoor activities. Although it’s sunny most of the time, the sunny spring & summer days bring the hot temperatures. When it’s time to beat the heat, rely on the top awning supplier in Ogden. Give Awnings Unlimited a call today at (801) 268-4441.