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Clearfield, UT

Awning Supplier

Find Unique Awnings in Clearfield & Throughout Davis County

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An Awning can serve a great purpose when installed properly in Clearfield, Utah.  An awning adds financial value and comfort to a home. At Awnings unlimited we provide permanent and retractable awnings for patios and carports to help shelter you and your items from the weather.  This helps prevent any damage to your furniture from long-term effects of the sun. In addition, they can help keep your house cooler and lower your energy costs in the summer.


Carport & Pergola Builder

Awnings Unlimited Is The Carport & Pergola Builder That You Can Trust

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Whether you’re looking for a simple shade canopy, a nice addition to your home or a beautiful pergola, we’ve got you covered!  Our custom design styles range from steel carports, raised breezeways, carports and boat covers, to wood pergolas for your carport or a beautiful centerpiece in your yard.  Whether your needs are residential or commercial, do-it-yourself or if you want us to install it-we can do it.  Not only do we offer reasonable prices for our services, but Awnings Unlimited can design, build or provide a quality product that is perfect for your space.  


Patio Enclosure Supplier

#1 Utah Patio Enclosure Supplier Serving Davis County & Surrounding Areas

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  • Get a finished sunroom in that is custom to your home
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If a patio has an existing roof, it can be converted to a beautiful sunroom enclosure. It can be done by using a pre-engineered system or we can do a custom build that will look like a part of your home. A patio enclosure is a simple option to add a nice additional recreational or living space to your home.  Awnings Unlimited can exceed your expectations and create the room you’ve always wanted.


Clearfield, Utah

Clearfield, Utah was one of the last communities to be settled in the northern part of Davis County  It was settled in 1887. Hunters and Native American warriors were the first to explore the area before the first white settlers game. Originally the area was referred to as the land of wind and sand. With the arrival of the railroad in 1869, it really awakened the area and many said it awoke the sleeping “Sand Ridge,” which it was once known as before it was changed to Clearfield.  It was changed in hopes of attracting agricultural settlers.

At first, there was no water for those early families until wells were dug. The only water available at first was from Kays Creek in East Layton and they used large barrels to haul it. The great event that did more to transform Clearfield into a fertile agriculture spot was the coming of the Davis and Weber Counties Canal in 1884. This sparked an immediate increase in population in the area as people tore up the sagebrush, prickly pears, and cactus. Homes and farms began to appear quickly throughout the area.

Many children went to school in nearby Syracuse by walking several miles a day from Clearfield. The new Clearfield Elementary School opened its doors to these children in 1907. The school taught first grade through eighth grade and was in operation until 1923. It was closed down when it was destroyed by a fire. The new building later built was given the name Pioneer School. Several years later the North Davis Junior High School was built and opened in 1939. In the first year, there were 18 members of the faculty and 585 students.

Throughout most of the years, Clearfield was known as a charming farming community. However, Construction began on Hill Field (Hill Air Force Base) in 1940. With this addition of a defense building in the area, it changed the agricultural community and became the towns largest employer.