Thinking About Installing A Carport?

A carport or pergola not only provides extra storage space, but they can also provide security and shade for your car. They are definitely worth considering for the sunny weather in Utah! A carport or pergola can be a great addition to any Utah home.  It’s easy and affordable to put one in your driveway or outdoor space. Find out how a carport or pergola can benefit you all year long. Here’s what you can expect from Awnings Unlimited when installing a carport:

Protection from the Weather

Even though we’re heading into spring soon, the bright Utah sun can still make your car hot during the afternoon. By parking under a carport or pergola, you can keep your car in the shade and prevent that all too familiar shock when you get in the car or reach for the seatbelt when it’s blazing hot!

More Security

Even though these outdoor structures do not have doors to keep out trespassers, it can still keep your car protected and safe. The close physical proximity of the structure to your home can aid in preventing unwanted quests from getting too close.

Extra Storage space

Even though your carport doesn’t come with all four walls, it can provide you with great added storage. If your structure is located near the back of your home, you may even want to use it like a shed, where you can keep toys, gardening supplies, and other outdoor items. In addition, you can keep bikes chained to the posts of your carport or hang them from the ceiling.

Increases Entertaining

If you want added space to relax and spend outdoors or maybe your home’s patio isn’t large enough, a carport may be the easiest way to accomplish that. You can place comfortable outdoor furniture under your carport so you can still enjoy being outdoors with family and friends, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate! With all the time residents of Utah spend outside during the year, installing a carport or pergola is a great choice.

Adds Convenience

If your home lacks an adequate garage, or you just want to accelerate the parking process, a carport is a convenient way to go. Even though you are storing your car outdoors, you still have all the benefits of shelter and shade from storms and the hot sun. In addition, when it’s time to park or pull out, there’s no hassle of opening or closing the garage door. Even better, you don’t have to navigate around all the clutter stored in the garage.

When You Need Help Installing A Carport, Rely On Awnings Unlimited

This winter or spring, consider installing a carport or pergola at your Utah home. The ease of shelter, access, and added space a carport and pergola can bring make them both a great investment. In addition, these affordable outdoor structures can also add value to your home. If you have any questions about our carports or pergolas, or how they might work with your home, please call Awnings Unlimited today at (801) 268-4441. You can soon be on your way to protecting your family and vehicles from the weather. Invest in your relaxation today with one of our custom carports Logan Utah or pergolas!