Are You Wanting To Warm Up Your Patio?

Winter may bring freezing temperatures to Utah, from Tooele to Ogden, to Provo, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your outdoor space until summer returns. Whether you’re throwing a winter party for friends or your family just wants to relax on the patio, you’ll need to stay warm and cozy outdoors. This winter, warm up your patio with these five ideas.

Distribute Blankets

If you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for some smart design touches, add blankets to your patio décor. Look for both light and heavy layers to account for all kinds of weather, and seek out blankets with bold colors or patterns to give your patio space a sense of style. Be sure to buy easily washable blankets so you can reuse them throughout the year.

Turn on a Heater

To add serious heat to your outdoor space, opt for an electric patio heater. If you have a covered patio area, avoid fire pits and go for the lamp or wall-mounted heater styles instead. These heaters just need an electric outlet for power, and they don’t create smoke or embers. Best of all, electric patio heaters generate a soft, pleasant warmth so you won’t feel overheated.

Add a Rooftop

One of the most effective ways to warm up your patio is to add a rooftop, canopy, or awning over the space. Not only will this prevent your patio from becoming covered in snow and ice, but it will also contain the warmth that you and your family and friends generate.

Patio coverings come in a variety of styles, including permanent rooftops and temporary canopies, so you have plenty of options to suit your needs. Install lighting to create a festive or relaxed mood, and add curtains around the covered area to capture extra warmth.

Share Hot Drinks

Sometimes the best way to stay warm is to heat up from the inside out. Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are great for warming up family and friend of all ages. For adult guests, experiment with warming cocktails like a hot toddy, mulled wine, or hot buttered rum.

Install Heated Floors

To really dazzle your family and friends, start from the bottom and install heated floors underneath your patio. With heated floors, you can say goodbye to cold feet and enjoy your outdoor space in every season.

Warm Up Your Patio Today By Calling Awnings Unlimited

Whether you have an open or covered patio, you can keep it cozy all year round with a few simple updates. For expert advice on warming up your patio, call Awnings Unlimited at 801-268-4441.