Looking For Hardy Plants To Spruce Up Your Patio Area?

The winter months can become dull and colorless in the Ogden, Utah area and your patio area may need hardy plants. As bold fall colors fade into the whites and greys of winter, you may find you’re craving a touch of color, fragrance, and life. These hardy plants are an excellent pick when you need something to perk up your winter landscape. Add just one or transform your yard with several of these colorful choices.

Rocky Mountain Juniper – Juniperus Scopulorum

The Rocky Mountain juniper is a native shrub that’s available in many varieties such as Gray Gleam, Table Top Blue, and Sky Rocket. This plant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for landscaping that will create a windbreak or prevent erosion. Rocky Mountain juniper typically stays green all winter, providing a welcome pop of color in the winter whiteness.

Winter Heath – Erica Carnea

Winter heath is a low-growing evergreen shrub. It flowers in winter and has urn-shaped blooms in various shades of pink and purple. If you’re interested in adding a delicate blossom to your yard in even the coolest months, this is a prime pick. It grows in mounds that are typically six to nine inches tall and can spread to provide significant ground cover.

Sweet Box – Sarcococca Confusa

Sweet box is a favorite among hardy plants, and it can grow in both sun and shade. It’s a decorative choice that can add a touch of interest beneath your awning or pergola with its clusters of tiny white blossoms. The evergreen plant has fragrant flowers that bloom in late winter and early spring when most landscaping is still drab and dormant. It can grow as much as five feet in height and width, providing ample ground cover when needed.

Wintergreen – Gaultheria Procumbens

This wintergreen has oval-shaped leaves that begin the winter as a glossy green and gradually take on a festive reddish hue as the temperatures drop. White bell-shaped flowers adorn these hardy plants from June to August, giving way to bright red pea-sized berries that persist through the winter months. The leaves of the plant were historically used for a medicinal tea that would relieve pain. The berries are also edible, and they taste best after the first frost.

Perk Up Your Yard With Hardy Plants And A Decorative Awning

A snowy winter is no problem with these plants in your yard. Perk up your landscaping even more with a decorative awning from Awnings Unlimited. Call us at (801) 268-4441 to discuss your options for a durable exterior addition that will add charm to your home in every season.