4 Cool Design Trends To Give You Some Awningspiration!

Well, what can I say? People are starting to value aesthetics more and more. As much as it is important to focus on beautifying the interiors of your home, it is equally important to give your exterior designs some love too– especially because it’s the first thing that greets you the moment you get home. And, an awning is just the thing you need!

Awnings, especially, are worth investing your creativity in. There’s just so much potential when it comes to this particular house extension. Because it already serves as a decorative somehow, you might as well go all out and focus your efforts into transforming it to an even comfier haven. You might want to consider following some type of theme with your awning too!

Here are 4 of the trendiest designs you can draw a whole lot of awningspiration from.

Ready, set – enjoy!

Am I Sure This Is My House & Not a Café?

Some pergolas and verandas have been transformed into chic-looking porch cafes that are simply irresistible. If you’re an avid fan of coffee – and I’m sure you are – then this design idea might be something that’ll interest you a lot. Imagine your own awning having its own miniature, yet totally stylish espresso bar – complete with a good frothing wand and your favorite cup. You’ll never have to wake up into boring mornings again!

Rustic Awning Designs Are So In

Industrial designs have been such a crowd-pleaser lately. I’ve seen many restaurants, pubs, and cafes sport this rustic look. Why not try it out with your awning too? Think long, old pipes, gears, wheels, and bolts. Think of transforming every piece of metal junk found in your attic into crazy, new decorations that will leave other people thinking “Why haven’t I thought of that?” The best thing about preferring to go with a rustic design is that it’s cheap. You can start designing your awning for almost nothing!

Why Not Be One With Nature?

If you don’t like using man-made materials for your awning’s design, then why not go completely natural? Certainly, having luscious greens greet you in the morning is a sight to see! Try your hand in cultivating bonsai, check if your green-thumb works on potted plants, or go all-out and create an entire garden out of your terrace! You can try planting tropical flowers, prickly yet adorable cacti, and even fruit or vegetable crops – just try not to make your awning too big or distracting. Anyway, just think dynamic and be epic with your nature-inspired ideas!

Pastel Colors Are Always Happy Colors For An Awning

Pastel hues make everything feel a little bit fluffier, warmer, and downright adorable. Wouldn’t you just love coming home to a house endowed with all these charming colors? Combine pale yellows, pinks, blues, and purples and make your veranda look perfect for a cuddling session!


These are just a few of the many design trends for awnings that are getting people crazed all over the world. You can either draw some inspiration from all these splendid ideas or whip up something entirely new on your own – your call. The important thing is that you create something you’re comfortable, happy, and contented with. Your awning should reflect you!

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