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Installing a retractable awning is a great way to extend the living space of a home or a business. The use of an awning is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, use natural lighting to sit outside and save electricity while sitting outside and enjoying the breeze. So, if you want to install retractable awnings there are mainly of two types, manual awnings, and motorized retractable awnings.

Both manual awnings and motorized awnings have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Both versions of awnings are worth the cost, but the pricing for both is very different.

To find which is more appropriate for you, let us look at the two different types of awnings in more detail.

Manual Awnings

Manual retractable awnings have to be used manually with your hands to manually put up or retract the awning.  Some people may find manually controlling an awning almost impossible and others will find it exceedingly difficult to do. You usually need a handle on the awning to put it up or to retract it. The advantage is that if there is a loss of power you don’t need electricity to operate your retractable awning.

Other problems like a motor failure, battery issues, are not an issue with a  manual retractable awning. Manual retractable awnings are simpler and have lesser maintenance necessary. The awnings also have less number of parts to wear out or repair. They are easier to buy, install and the price is lesser than a motorized retractable awning. Calling an electrician in for repairs is also not necessary.

 Motorized Awnings

Retractable motorized awnings are easy to open and close. If you have a tendency to open and close your awnings daily, this is your best option. All it takes is the switching on a button to cause the awning to come down or go up. It requires less effort and is quick.

Since the motors on retractable motorized awnings may have a tendency to develop issues and get damaged, make sure you look at the warranty. You also need to make sure you could get a repair service to come to your home. Motorized retractable awnings are sold at a much higher cost. They also are made to be higher quality than manual awnings.

Many motorized awnings provide advanced special functions like sensing heavy snow or wind or build up of excessive weight on top of the awnings. These advanced special functions help the motorized awning to retract automatically if there is a potential chance that it may get damaged. All these factors also make the motorized retractable awnings much more costly than the manual retractable awnings.

Rely On A Top Retractable Awnings Supplier

Depending on how much budget you have, who is using it and how you plan on using the awning, choose the retractable awning. Before purchasing an awning, you can test out the two different types to see which one works best for you.

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