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You have decided that an awning would be a lovely addition to your home or office. But learn that there are too many options to choose from and now you are confused about which one is best for you. Which type of awning should you choose?  Are retractable awnings better than the other types? Which awning would be best for you? Which awning is a good value for the cost? We will answer these questions in this blog post. Knowing more about awnings will help you choose the best awning for you.

Three Different Types Of Awnings

  • Basket Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Stationary Awnings

Basket Awnings

Basket awnings are the mini versions of awnings. They are small in size and perfect for shading small spaces. If you want to add awnings to the windows on your home or to your doors, Basket awnings are the perfect option. They came in a variety of shapes and can be used year-round in Utah. This type of awnings can also be retractable. The name Basket is given to these awnings due to the upturned basket shape that these awnings resemble. Similar to blinds that are put at the top of the window, they can be installed with a pulley system to extend or retract the awnings from the top.

Stationary Awnings

As the name indicates Stationary awnings are in fact stationary. They are not retractable. Stationary awnings are more permanent. Due to the non-retractable nature, their construction is more simple and are often cheaper than the retractable ones. These are ideal if you have an office that has an outdoor seating arrangement like in an outdoor restaurant. You can customize the Stationary awning by having the name of your business and your business logo printed on it. These awnings tend to be sturdier so as to whether all the different conditions experienced all year round. This is also the reason they require additional cleaning and maintenance. These are a more economical option as compared to a more permanent structure like a pergola.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can move forward and backward as you like. This makes for very flexible use of the awning. You are able to retract it the awning during harsh weather.  If the awning is used at your business, you can retract it when you are not open. This makes retractable awnings less susceptible to the elements. If there are days you want the sunlight to fall on your porch or shop window, you can easily retract the awning. If your area is subject to strong winds or storms then the awning is retractable to prevent damage from happening to it.

This type of awnings usually does not have poles that hold it up. This gives you more space to navigate under the awning. The one disadvantage to the awning is that the detracting technology costs you more than a simple awning. You also have the choice of choosing between a motorized awning or a manual one. While the motorized awning may be convenient, there is also the higher chance of motor malfunction with an automatic retractable awning.

Keep all of these details in mind when choosing which awning is best for you. When it is time to compare different types of retractable awnings or stationary awnings, or basket awnings, give Awnings Unlimited a call today at (801) 268-4441. We’ll help you find the best awning for you!